Worcester Bosch Boiler - Tips to check before calling an engineer

Help!!! My Boilers broken!!!
- Here is a simple checklist for you to try before calling out an engineer

Right - lets start with the basics
Boiler Broken - Home boiler checklist
STEP 1 - Is there GAS available for the appliance? - "No Credit on pre payment Gas Meters is a common fault

STEP 2 - Do you have power going to the appliance? (Check that the appliance Fuse has not blown)

STEP 3 - Is there enough pressure in system? Check the pressure gauge it should be between 1 and 1.5 Bar. - If not top the system up using the filling loop!

STEP 4 - Check the thermostat - Turn it up high - Does the Boiler come on?

STEP 5 - Have you tried turning the appliance on/off? *This has been known to work on occasions

Topping up your Boilers water pressure

Worcester Bosch Filling Loop
1. Push key up and turn half turn
2. Carefully turn knob to increase system pressure to 1 - 1.5 Bar
Step 3 is the most common reason for a false alarm. Your homes heating system needs a certain amount of water pressure 1 to 1.5 Bar for you Boiler to work properly.

If the pressure falls below 1 Bar the Boiler will go to lockout as a safety precausion but is easily rectified by following your manuals instructions.
*The instructions above is for Worcester Bosch Boilers only as they are different from all the others makes of Boiler - Most other Brands will have a Silver flexible hose sited underneath Boiler which will have two Knobs attached which will both need turning to increase water pressure.
Worcester Bosch Fault Code displayed

"If your Boiler is showing a Fault Code please see Brands individual page for more information"

Emergency Response Available - (Office) 01322 200 530 or (On call Engineer) 07534 377 151