Heating systems - FAQ

What type of Heating system do I have?
  1. System Boiler
    System Boiler
    A sealed system, hot water is heated through a cylinder - higher flow rates are possible due to the store of heated water. Better system for households with high water demand! More expensive to install More space needed - space for water tank Added safety functions needed - sealed system Better flow rates due to store of hot water
  2. Heat Only System
    Heat Only System
    Open vented system with a header tank in the loft. Hot water cylinder is used for your hot water which is connected to your central heating boiler. Generally noiser due to outdated pumps being used Reliant on height of header tank for flow rates Energy consumption higher due to hot water store More space needed for water tank and pump etc
  3. Combination Boiler
    Combination Boiler
    A sealed system, mains pressure feed - you only heat the water you need. No need for a header tank in the loft - but other safety controls needed within the boiler itself. Cheaper to install You only heat the water you need Only suitable for households with lower hot water consumption Water flow rates reliant on mains pressure

Out of the three systems shown a Condensing Combination Boiler is the most energy efficient way of managing your homes heating and hot water needs, but they are not always suitable for all homes especially if you have multiple bathrooms. If your home has a High demand for hot water a Combination Boiler may not be the ideal solution.

So what is energy effeciency and how does a Condensing boiler really work?

Condensing Boilers Latent heat
Energy efficiency A Maidstone Plumbing Company
"When your normal household boiler is working a certain amount of the energy produced from the combustion process would be lost straight out of the flue."
Energy Bands A Maidstone plumbing Company
"The new condensing appliances have found a way of capturing this latent heat and using it to heat your home." 
How much can I save on a new boiler

How much can you save with a new Boiler?

"With our energy bills going up and up every year the new energy effecient appliances can make a big difference."