What every modern heating system should have -

*Magnetic filter
*Inline water softner

Protecting your heating system is essential

*It will save yourself £1000's

"We see the same kiss of death for our customers heating systems time and time again and it really is a shame too see."

New A Rated energy effecient boilers all come with long warranties, some as long as 10 years!

This is because if looked after they can run and run, but unfortunatly our heating systems just seem to be forgotten about until that inevitable breakdown.
With a little TLC and some pre-emptive maintenance you could save yourself the headache of that emergency repair that always seems to happen when it is working its hardest - Winter! 

Magnatite "sludge" is basically just the insides of you radiators "rusting" away

"There are three reasons that you would need a new boiler."

1) It costs too much to repair
2) The appliance has become obsolete and cannot get suitable parts
3) Advancements in technology i.e energy effeciency means it is more cost effective to replace

"This sludge floats around your Heating system through your boiler and then settles at the bottom of your radiators. This is when you start getting cold spots in some radiators."
"Over time this sludge will block up your systems pipework just like the arteries in our bodies. Everything will have to work harder until eventually you will start getting faults within your system."

What do I need to do?

"Make sure you heating system is dosed with the correct inhibitor"

"The inhibitor is used to stop the process that allows magnatite to form"
"Make sure your system has a magnetic filter - a boiler buddy will stop all that sludge from getting into the boiler before it can cause any harm"

What is power flushing?

"Powerflushing is a good way of rinsing through your heating system to clear most of that sludge which has built up - the process can take anywhere from four hours to a day to rectify."
Powerflush Maidstone HixaHeating.com Great Prices
Powerflush Maidstone HixaHeating.com Great prices
"A good powerflush to a neglected heating system can help bring it back to life."
"It will get rid of cold spots and even help your system to work more effeciently." 

A heating system power flush