"Use your Smart phone to control your homes heating"

Programs Itself.

You do not need to manually program the thermostat, just set the desired temperature at any point throughout the day. The more you change the tempreture the more it will learn and adjust to your preferences.
Until we found out they control half of your home's energy. That's more than appliances, lighting TV's, computers and stereos combined.


80% of programmable thermostats waste energy--about £140 a year, on average. They're so complicated that most people don't bother to program them.

Conserves energy.

Once Nest learns your schedule and preferences, it will limit heating when your are asleep. A built-in sensor will determine if your are gone for a long period of time and Nest would adjust to avoid heating an empty home
"Smart Controls can look very daunting but they really have come a long way from the old home thermostats that have lots of buttons and menus to sift through. The new breed of thermostats are of a much simplified sleek design which does most of the hardwork itself."

Wave goodbye to inefficient heating

Introducing the Wave Heating Control from Worcester Bosch
"Adding a Smart Control like the Wave to your new Heating system can help raise yours homes Energy Rating from an A to an A+"
The Wave's intuitive and modern design ensures it is very simple to operate using either its in-built touchscreen or via the Wave app. Simply download the Wave app to a phone or tablet to take control of your heating system from anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available.
- Compatible with a wide range of the award winning Greenstar gas-fired boilers
- No subscription fees or chargeable app add-ons
- Data privacy your data is secure on the Wave and is never shared with anyone else
- Increased comfort using postcode data to determine local weather conditions (no outdoor sensor required)


"Saving Energy has never been so easy"

"Take control of your homes Heating anytime, anywhere"
- Smart phone app for both Android and Apple iOS Application
- Self learning
- Weather compensation
- Connect multiple vSMART controllers to one app
- Wireless connection

Tell vSMART how you want your heating and hot water temperature and it will take care of the rest. From the moment you get vSMART installed, it starts to understand your homes heating needs.

Using its smart weather compensation feature and using weather data, the vSMART can tell your boiler how hard it has to work to get your home to your required temperature.

Let it know what time you wake up and it will make sure you wake up to a warm and cosy home. Now that's what we call smart!
"Just Install the SMART thermostat in place of existing controls and download the app its that simple!"