Stay Safe - Remind yourself to get your appliances checked

GAS Safety checks £59

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The cost of protecting your family - Priceless

So what is Carbon Monoxide?

"Carbon Monoxide is produced when a gas appliance combustion process fails to a fault condition"

How would I Know if there was a problem?

"Well it can't be seen or smelled, this is why it's called the Silent Killer - without pre-emptive measures things can be potentially disasterous"

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There are a couple of things you could look out for -
*Yellowing, lazy flame on burner
*Signs of spillage or soot on surround of appliance
*Excessive condensation in room with appliance

So what are the symptoms?

"Its just like the flu- headaches,nausea, dizzyness"

Carbon Monoxide Gas Safe Engineers maidstone

Well what can I do?

Stay Gas Safe Maidstone appliance Safety Check

If you smell gas take action call 0800 111 999 immediatly.
If you have any signs of damage or corrosion (rust, green discolouration) of pipework get it sorted - it could cause a leak!
Get your appliances checked annually - this should identify any issues.
Get a CO monitor - it could make a real difference.

Gas Safe has produced a short clip which might be useful for you to watch.

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